A Visit from Our Mayors

Ten of the distinguished Mayors during the last 30+ years visited the Little Red Schoolhouse to share stories of the past and present about our Village from these insiders’ perspectives.  The Mayors who attended the event included: Jim Anderson, Don Klekamp, Stephen Black, Stella Hassan (as noted, the first and only female mayor), Tom Rink, Eppa Rixey, David Ottenjohn, Mark Tullis, Dan Feigelson, and Mark Kuenning.  They shared numerous stories from their tenures which included major accomplishments, amusing stories, challenging times, and a few strange events.  The Bicentennial, Grand Valley, the Veteran Monument & War Memorial, new Fire Stations, and new or renovated Public Works and Administration buildings were just a few of the important developments. Weddings were fun and happy times.  The loss of the Ohio Estate Income Tax and the 2007-2009 recession were difficult events to manage through while keeping the Village fiscally sound and maintaining the Village services.  Mayor’s court provided a few of the challenging and sometimes strange events.  Dogs, deer, and other animals issues often arose and were always debated with ardor from all sides of the discussions.

The Mayors reflected on the importance of this role as both a non-political and volunteer position.  The members of council are focused on the goals defined in the Village charter  (“it shall continue to be a rural neighborhood of homes and farms”) in fiscally responsible ways without partisan agendas.  The Mayors were very complementary of and thankful for the Village staff which does a tremendous job.  The Village and its residents are extremely fortunate to have such a committed citizenry who volunteer for this important managerial role.