Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is responsible for the management and activities of the Historical Society. The 21 members are a very active in the planning and execution of all the programs throughout the year. All of them devote their time and talent voluntarily. The Trustees are selected by a nominating committee for 3 year terms.


Your suggestions and ideas are welcome on how to best serve the community through the programs and services the society offers.

Board of Trustees

  • Judith Affatato
  • John Armstrong
  • Rosemary Ballard
  • Brenda Benzar
  • Barb Hauck
  • Susan Holzapfel
  • Ed Jacobs
  • Cynthia King
  • Kent Little
  • Molly Lucien
  • Andy MacKay
  • Doug Manzler
  • Pam Middendorff
  • Dan Peters
  • Janet Reynolds
  • Ray Schilderink

President Emeritus

Ginny White


Bill Schmidter

Board of Trustees Officers

  • Rosemary Welsh, President
  • George Glover, Vice-President
  • Gregory Miller, Vice-President
  • Chip Hunter, Treasurer
  • Lois Rust, Secretary

In Memory

These Founders and Trustees are remembered for their love of and service to the Society:

  • Tyler Emerson ~ Original Founder
  • Andrew C. Hauck, Jr. ~ Original Founder
  • Russell Ahlbrand
  • R John Dupree
  • Francis Eustis
  • James M. Ewell
  • Mary Krombholz
  • Charles F. Pope, Jr.
  • Ruth Wigor