Indian Hill Historical Society

Indian Hill Historical Society is a non-profit [501 (c) (3)] corporation dedicated to the preservation of the rich heritage of the Village of Indian Hill. It began as an association of dedicated people who wished to preserve the Little Red Schoolhouse, and was originally named the Indian Hill Historical Museum Association. Now it is a source of information, study, programs, archives, education and fun for the community. With a membership of nearly 500 families and businesses throughout the greater Cincinnati area, it is both a valuable educational resource and a social and cultural hub of the Village.


Since its inception the Historical Society has actively worked to preserve the Elliott House, Jefferson School, and Buckingham Lodge. The Historic Landmark Plaque Program recognizes structures of particular merit. Four books have been published by the organization, and residents discover local history from Society events/programs and ongoing pages in the local newspapers. The Society has been certified by the Ohio Association of Historical Societies and Museums. The Hauck Library and Resource Center has received accolades from researchers all over the country.


Indian Hill Historical Society depends on the generosity of its supporters and the income from its programs, sales, and rentals of the Little Red Schoolhouse to continue its work. Our Board of Trustees and office staff appreciate this generosity and encourage interested parties to join.


As expressed in its Mission Statement, the Society is dedicated to preserving the past and the present history of the Village of Indian Hill for future generations.