Gifts to The Indian Hill Historical Society are tax deductible. The Society is a non-profit corporation, qualifying as a 501(c) (3) organization with the IRS. It is registered with the Attorney General of the State of Ohio under the Ohio Charitable Trust Act, and has received certification by the Ohio Association of Historical Societies and Museums.


Donations online or by check can be made to the Historical Society general fund and can be made for a specific reason or memorial. A letter of recognition will be sent to both the donor and the person being honored or memorialized. Bequests made via Last Will and Testament will be acknowledged to the family of the deceased. Please make checks payable to the Indian Hill Historical Society and mail to 8100 Given Road, Cincinnati OH 45243.


Since its founding, the Indian Hill Historical Society has been fortunate to have a community and membership that have been abundantly generous in their support of our mission, “Keeping Indian Hill’s Past and Present Alive for Tomorrow.” In response to this generous support, the Historical Society is proud to introduce the Indian Hill Historical Society Planned Giving Program. This new program is a formal way for all members and friends to participate in the guarantee of the long-term continuation of the organization. The Planned Giving Program is the conduit for the continued growth of the current Society Endowment Fund.


Many corporations offer matching gift programs that can double or triple the value of your gift to Indian Hill Historical Society. In addition, many employers will also match contributions by spouses, retirees, and trustees. Please contact your company’s Human Resources or Community Relations office for eligibility information and matching gift forms.


Securities such as stocks, bonds, and mutual funds make a wonderful gift. The tax savings to the donor can be significant.

  • Selling stocks, mutual funds, and other securities that have appreciated in value generally result in taxable long-term capital gains if you have owned the securities for more than twelve months.
  • Making a gift of appreciated securities avoids the capital gains tax.
  • Making such a gift allows a donor who itemizes deductions to claim a charitable deduction for the full fair market value of the securities.
  • Please consult your tax advisor for more information specific to your situation.


Your broker can contact us with specifics regarding your transfer of securities.


If you have any photographs, genealogies, family trees, house/property research, DVDs, newspaper articles, or publications pertaining to the Village and its current or previous residents, we may be interested in them. Or, we could make copies of your items so you could keep them if you prefer.


Your Donations Support
Keeping Indian Hill’s Past and Present Alive for Tomorrow

  • Preserving and Archiving Village and residents’ information
  • Maintaining two Village landmark buildings: Little Red Schoolhouse and Buckingham Lodge
  • One-room schoolhouse experience for local 4th graders
  • Publishing local historical information in the IH Bulletin and newsletters
  • Providing a website of Indian Hill history
  • Educational outreach
  • Digitizing archive records
  • Sponsoring social and historical programs
  • Granting “Excellence in History” monetary awards to juniors at CCDS and IHHS
  • Encouraging preservation of Indian Hill’s rural atmosphere and history