Indian Hill Historic Landmarks

The Historic Landmark Plaque Program began in 1991, and is an ongoing program. Its purpose is to encourage recognition and preservation of buildings of historical and architectural merit within the Village. It is an honor to have a plaque.


A set of criteria specifies what structures are eligible, and in case of a question, the Plaque Committee determines acceptability. Homeowners partner with the Historical Society, paying for the plaques, and receiving a tax deduction for a portion of the sale. The price for a plaque is $1,000. The Historical Society benefits and Village residents become more aware of the historic structures in the neighborhood.


The handsome bronze plaques are 11” by 17”, and have a bas relief of the Little Red Schoolhouse at the top. The verbiage “Indian Hill Historical Society, HISTORIC LANDMARK, Indian Hill, Ohio” is beneath the schoolhouse emblem. Each plaque is customized with the name and construction date of the individual landmark.


The Historic Landmark Plaque is not affiliated with the National Register of Historic Places. There are no restrictions as to future renovation/development of the property. Homeowners may mount the plaque at the place of their choosing. Plaques can be seen on homes, schools, barns, chapels, and a bridge within the Village. There are almost 100 Landmark Plaques in Indian Hill.

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